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Lewdo being born to lift the World into God Consciousness.


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Man, Myth & Legend

God Having a Human Experience

Lewdo is a multi-talented Black African American Artist, Musician and Designer who has dedicated his life to using his creativity to Inspire and Uplift the Black, African American community. An Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Armed Forces, with a deep appreciation for the Richness and Diversity of African American Culture, Lewdo strives to become a Leading Voice in the World of Contemporary Black Art and Music.


As an artist, Lewdo is Highly Skilled in a Range of Mediums including Watercolor & Gouache, , Pen & Ink Drawings, and Abstract & Design. He is especially reputed for his Oil Paintings on Canvas, which captures the Elegance, Beauty and Complexity of the African American Experience in Powerful and Evocative Ways. Through his art, Lewdo seeks to Destroy Negative Stereotypes and to Promote a Positive Image of Black Life, using his Craft as a form of Black Positivity and Black Excellence.


Lewdo’s career spans over two decades as a Professional Illustrator, Concept Designer, Portraiture  & Caricature Artist. 20 years of Professionalism, in which he has worked at a Variety of Venues and Companies including Dutch Wonderland, Kennywood, The Hershey Company, Penn Street Market, YWCA, and Local Fire Departments. Lewdo has also created Art for Masquerade Balls, Private Events and other Special Occasions, all while building a Reputation as a Talented and Dedicated Artist who Consistently produces Works of the Highest Quality.


In addition to his Artistic Pursuits, Lewdo is also a Conscious Independent Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Recording Artist & Audio Engineer. His Music focuses on the Positivity of  Hip Hop. His Style is what most will call “Conscious Rap.” His Powerful Hip Hop Lyrics are Distinguished by its Refusal to Perpetuate Negative, Destructive or Overly Sexualized Themes. Lewdo is a 100% Original Artist who Does Not use Samples or Cover Other Musician’s Songs, and his Unique Sound and Style have earned him a Devoted Following and a Reputation as one of the most Promising Artists in the Hip Hop Community.


With a Degree in Audio Engineering and Recording Arts, Lewdo is Well-Equipped to bring his Musical Vision to Life. His Expertise in this Field has allowed him to Create a Line of Urban Hip Hop Fashion that is both Stylish and Functional. Inspired by his Own Artistic Designs and his Passion for Hip Hop Culture, Lewdo's Urban Streetwear is Suitable for People of All Ages and Genders and has been Praised for its Combination of Comfort and Style. In addition to his Clothing Line, Lewdo has also created a Range of Lifestyle and Home Décor Products that are Designed to Inspire and Uplift those who Use Them.


For those who are Interested in Learning More about Lewdo and his Work, there are many Opportunities to Connect with Him through his Online Blog, where he Shares his Thoughts, Experiences, and Creative Projects with a Wide Audience. Additionally, Lewdo is Forever Eager to Hear from his Fans and Supporters and can be Contacted Directly if you would like to Learn More about his Art, Music and Designs.


In conclusion, Lewdo is a Visionary Artist, Musician and Designer who is Dedicated to using his Talents to Promote Positive Change in the World. Through his Art, Music and Fashion, Lewdo Inspires and Exalts the African American Community, and his Commitment to his Craft is an Example of Black Excellence at its Finest. For those who are Passionate about Black Art and Music, and who Seek to Support Positive and Uplifting Creative Work, Lewdo is a Name to Remember and a Talent to Follow. Connect with Lewdo on most all Social Media Platforms: Facebook – LinkedIn – Instagram – YouTube – TikTok – Twitter – Pinterest


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Enter into the World of Lewdo... God having a Human Experience.
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