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Conscious Hip Hop

Lewdo Music is Revolutionary Hip Hop Revealed. Stimulate your Consciousness with Powerful, Thought-provoking Lyrics and Fresh Instrumentals. Innovative Hip Hop with No Samples by Lewdo.

Upcoming Songs...

Heroic Love

Heroic Love

Heroic Love

Healthy Foods (Coming Soon)


Dark Allies

SunBlockerz (Nirvana)

Gravitational Pull

Lone Wolf

Ms Reverie

UPPer SCAles of JusTICE

33 Devils

Life's Dream


Real Return

Crying Shame


MAYb SumDay

Grim Reaper

Lewdo Music:
A Beacon for Conscious Hip Hop

Lewdo is an Independent Hip Hop Artist who is transforming the industry with his Conscious Hip Hop Style.  Lewdo sets himself apart from the rest by bringing positive energy to the genre of Hip Hop.  Lewdo’s lyrics are thought-provoking, powerful and inspiring, creating a remarkable listening experience.


An Innovative Approach to Conscious Hip Hop


As an emerging artist in the underground Hip Hop scene, Lewdo has been a guiding light for his innovative approach to Conscious Hip Hop.  Thanks to his positive and socially conscious lyrics, Lewdo has earned a growing fanbase of those who appreciates his message and distinctive sound.  Lewdo’s music is beyond entertaining, it inspires and challenges the listener as well.


The Journey of an Independent Hip Hop Artist


An U. S. Armed Forces Veteran, Lewdo’s voyage as an Independent Hip Hop Artist has been a story of hard work, determination, dedication and big dreams.  Despite many obstacles and challenges, Lewdo has continued to perfect his craft and create music that truly represents his adoration for the Hip Hop genre.  With the world open to independent artists like Lewdo, the galaxy is making room for this rising star. 


Resuscitating the Hip Hop Industry


In an industry exceedingly dominated by Death, Destruction, Negativity and Superficial Themes, Lewdo’s Conscious Hip Hop has become a Breath of Fresh Air.  Lewdo’s Positive Hip Hop Messages are fast spreading, connecting with Listeners who genuinely appreciate Meaningful and Thought-Provoking Lyrics.  Lewdo’s Revolutionary Hip Hop is not only Enjoyable but also Empowering, Encouraging Listeners to Chase their own Dreams, all while discovering their own Individuality. Now who said Hip Hop was dead?!


Lewdo’s Distinctive Approach to Recognition


Lewdo’s noteworthy approach to Modern Hip Hop is quickly gaining recognition from Fans and other Artists alike.  Lewdo’s music is Easily Accessible through Platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music, allowing Lewdo to connect with a Growing Audience of Listeners from All Over The World.  From Rap Love Songs to Meaningful Tracks that move the Soul, Lewdo is One-of-a-Kind and deserves to be heard.


Transforming Visions into Reality


The Independent Hip Hop Artist Lewdo is on a Mission to Convert his Dreams into a Reality.  With the Power of his Lyrics and his Passion for the Hip Hop Genre – including its Fashion & Art aspects – Lewdo is determined in leaving a Lasting Impact on the Music Industry.  Comprising of a Compilation of Intriguing Tracks in the form of Hip Hop Music, Lewdo’s voice is a Positive Reflection on the Black African American Community, which he Proudly Represents.


Listen to Lewdo’s Conscious Hip Hop


Therefore, what are you waiting for?  Listen to Lewdo’s Conscious Hip Hop Music and Experience the Power of Positive Hip Hop for Yourself.  Sign Up Today for Free Downloads (and Digital Caricatures) and stay Up-To-Date with Everything Lewdo is doing.  The future is looking bright for this Independent Hip Hop Artist, and you won’t want to miss a beat.


For more information, feel free to Contact Lewdo or check out Lewdo’s Online Blogs.  And don’t forget about his fashionable Home Décor and Lifestyle products, which were made with the spirit of Hip Hop!!

Lewdo makes Original Hip Hop… NO SAMPLING. 

Invigorating, Stimulating, Innovating to a Nation.  Revolutionary, Evolutionary, Scary to Adversaries. 

Listen ~ Love ~ Become

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