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Ajna: Turn On Enlightenment – Open Your 3rd Eye | Lewdo

As we continue our Chakra Journey, we arrive at the Sixth Chakra, known as Ajna. This Chakra is also referred to as the Third Eye and is located between the Eyebrows. Ajna Symbolizes the Elements of Light & Illumination.

Ajna represents our Intuition, Wisdom & Imagination. When this Chakra is Balanced, we are able to Access our Inner Guidance while making Clearer Decisions. We are also able to See the Bigger Picture and Trust our Instincts.

However, when our Ajna Chakra is being Blocked, we may Experience Confusion, Lack Clarity, and Develop an Inability to make Sound Decisions. We may also Struggle with Trusting our Intuition and begin Feeling Disconnected from our Inner Wisdom.

Mrs Lewdo Astral Planing to Kundalini with Ajna 3rd Eye Meditation
Astral Plane with Spiritual Enlightment and Fulfill Your Kundalini

Achieving Balance in the Ajna Chakra can be done through Various Yoga and Meditation Practices. Here are Some Steps you can take to Open and Balance your Third Eye:

1. Yoga: Practice Yoga Poses that Stimulate the Third Eye, such as: Child's Pose, Dolphin Pose, and Eagle Pose.

2. Meditation: Meditate on the Third Eye by Visualizing a Bright Indigo Light in the Area between your Eyebrows.

3. Breathe Easy: Practice Breathing Exercises (Pranayama) to help Clear the Mind and Balance the Chakras.

4. Explore: Spend Time in Nature and Connect with the Present Moment to Help Enhance Intuition and Clear the Mind.

In Balancing your Ajna Chakra, you will Experience Increased Clarity, a Stronger Inner Wisdom Connection, and Better Decision-Making Abilities. You may also find that your Intuition becomes Sharper as you are able to Trust It More Easily.

Therefore, take Some Time to Practice these Steps and See How it Feels to have a More Balanced Third Eye. Trust Yourself and Trust the Journey.

In Conclusion, I leave You with this Question: What would it Feel Like to Trust Your Intuition Fully and make Better Decisions with Ease?

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