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Vishuddha: Speak Your Truth – The Secret to Unlocking Your Voice | Lewdo

Welcome to my Blog, Dear Readers! I am Lewdo, an Artist, Musician & Spiritual Seeker who is Passionate about Exploring the Power of Chakras and the Ancient Practice of Kundalini Yoga. In this Blog Post, I will be Sharing my Insights on the Fifth Chakra, Vishuddha.

Vishuddha, also known as the Throat Chakra, is the Center of Communication, Creativity and Self-Expression. Located at the Base of the Throat, it is Associated with the color Blue, and is Represented by the Element of Ether.

When Balanced & Opened, Vishuddha provides us the Ability to Clearly & Confidently Express Oneself, Better Communicate One’s Desires & Needs, and Connect with Others on a Deeper, More Spiritual Level. Other Benefits include: Enhanced Creativity, Increased Self-Awareness – Becoming More in Tune with One’s Thoughts & Feelings – and a Greater Level of Personal Growth.

However, when Vishuddha is Blocked or Imbalanced, One may Experience Communication Difficulties, including Fear of Publicly Speaking, Social Anxiety, and Suffer from an Inability to Authentically Express Oneself. One may also Experience Physical Symptoms such as a Sore Throat, Neck Pain, and Thyroid Issues.

Lewdo Vishuddha Throat Chakra Training
Spread Your Lips Wide Open, to Vishuddha, and Allow the Power of Your Voice to Spread (5th Chakra)

To balance Vishuddha, there are Several Kundalini Yoga Practices You Can Try:

  1. Chanting: Chanting Mantras such as "Sat Nam" or "Om" can Help Balance and Activate Vishuddha.

  2. Singing: Singing, whether Alone or in a Group, is a Powerful Way to Activate and Balance Vishuddha.

  3. Neck Stretches: Simple Neck Stretches, such as Gently Tilting your Head from Side to Side or Rolling your Shoulders, can Help Release Tension in the Throat Area.

Remember, it is Imperative to Approach these Practices with an Open Heart and an Open Mind, and to Listen to Your Body's Needs. With Regular Practice and Patience, You will Achieve Balance in Vishuddha and Fully Unlock Your Creative Potential.

I Hope you Have Found this Post Informative & Inspiring. If you have any Questions, Comments, Concerns, or if You are Interested in Purchasing Vishuddha Art (or Yoga Art), Feel Free to Connect with Me – Lewdo – on all Social Media Platforms. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest. I Love Sharing my Art & Spiritual Journey with Others, and I would be Honored to Connect with You.

To Sing Along with Powerful, Thought-Provoking Lyrics – Which Will Surely Open Your Throat’s Chakra – Check Out Lewdo’s Conscious Hip Hop Today!

In Conclusion, what Creative Project Have You Been Wanting to Pursue? And How can You Use Vishuddha to Unlock Your Full Creative Potential?


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